Projects (in english)

Dustin is the Nordic’s leading online retailer of IT-related equipment for both corporate customers and consumers. Main office is located in Nacka Strand, Stockholm. Our Danish headquarters is located in Aarhus, Denmark with a sales office in Copenhagen. Norwegian HQ is located in Moss and we also have precense in Finland. Our central warehouse is located in Rosersberg. We are currently around 400 employees serving SE, DK and NO market. We dispatch around 5 000 orders each day.

Company integration
Feb 2014-Jan 2015
Integration of a company (~600MSEK turnover, ~150 employees) both system- and process wise to make use of shared functions and new web platform.

Customer return process
Jan 2014-Jun 2014
Analyze and optimize the customer return process to lower cost of handling in cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers, especially regarding defective products.

Company integration
Nov 2013-Feb 2014
Business process analysis and redesign to move all processes into our standard and add support from central functions. Saved one FTE on the backoffice side. No system development. ~15 employees.

Order Payment options review project
Apr 2013-Jul 2013
Using DMAIC method to investigate cost levels for a certain payment option used. The project suggested changes that result in a yearly saving of 700 000 SEK.

System implementation project
Dec 2010 ->
Implement AX 2012 & MS CRM 2011 and thereby retiring a legacy system as well as one AX4, one AX2009 & SuperOffice as applications. Planned delivery date in 2013, planned deployment into production in 2014.
Responsible for the delivery of a BI platform within the project as well as support in BPM related matters and Change Management.

Dustin, Business process mapping and analysis
May 2010 – Jan 2011
Business process analysis from level 0 to level 2 with occasional dives into level 3 for two pilot processes for which we also came to conclusions about improvements to make.

Head office move
March 2010 – Sep 2010
Our main office moved to new location in Nacka Strand, relocating 200 employees over one weekend.

Project manager for the IT part of the project, all IT- and technical Infrastructure.
Budget and staffing responsibility.
In this project we also moved to IP telephony in a hosted solution.
The move of the office workplaces and into the new IP platform took place
with no downtime on the business side.

New central Nordic warehouse
Dec 2007 – Oct 2008
Building of a new central Nordic warehouse of 20 000 square meters in Rosersberg,
north of Stockholm.

Responsible for planning, procurement and installation of all IT and security Infrastructure
(incl WAN/LAN, telephony, servers, workstations) as well as other technical infrastructure not
directly related to production. Budget and staffing responsibility.
I was also responsible for security during the move that took place between Friday
afternoon and Saturday morning and involved over 90 trucks transporting the goods
from our old 5 000 square meters warehouse as well as around 40 security staff to seal and
unseal the trucks without any incidents.


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